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Al- Hadrami Décor has been in operation since the year 2000, providing top of the line interior decorating services for our clients in Bahrain. Our proficiency and quality work has made us one of the leading interior decorators in Bahrain. We are a team of experienced professionals who are adept at recognizing existing interior design flaws and correcting them effi-ciently. Our team of interior design experts and technicians work closely to ensure that your interiors are transformed to meet your expectations and more.

We not only work towards giving your establishment a serious facelift in order to conform it to latest design styles, but we also strive to make it a fully functional space that is comfortable as well. We believe that shelter is one of the most important basic requirements of human beings and hence should serve the purposes of visual appeal as well as comfort. In order to achieve these goals, we adapt both design specific interior decoration values and architectural sciences. We are known to give attention to even the minute details, ensuring no flaws in the design or the installations.This enables us to provide a fully functional living and working area that also exudes a sense of beauty.

Be it a residential project or a professional space, we work accordingly to satisfy the specific requirements from our clients. We ensure that the space is extremely inspiring and reflects your personal style and character values effectively. Being professionals, we make the most efficient use of available time and resources, thus delivering quality work in an optimal time period.

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